"Lift Up Springfield" is dedicated to the care of our poverty-stricken and homeless neighbors. 


To remember what we are here for: To serve and care for our neighbors in need. 

To get rid of the red tape and get down to the business of providing good old-fashioned care and compassion.

To teach one "how to fish" versus just "giving a fish" so that we empower our patients to improve their lives and health permanently.

.  Finally, to provide the opportunity for all of us to utilize the two greatest gifts we have to give:

to selflessly serve and to unconditionally love our neighbor.

Blessings will come from making a difference in just one beautiful life.


Matthew 25:40   "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you,

inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me"


Medical and Dental Mission of Springfield

Lift Up





 When you arrive for your appointment - or walk-in visit- please report to the front desk and you will be instructed where to wait until your appointment is ready.
PLEASE wear mask.  

Lift Up is working to make its long awaited dream come true, thanks to Patch Adams encouragement!

Our current projects that were abruptly

halted are moving forward with the help

of the community we have served for the

past 5 years.  So THANK YOU to EVERYONE

that has stepped up with donations to ensure that Lift Up is able to keep helping our forgotten neighbors!


These are the projects that we were working to bring to our patients: 

Pharmacy partnership that will provide free medicaitons to all our patients in need;

Healthy Food Pantry that will provide flash frozen healthy foods to our chronically ill patients; and our 3-D Denture program that will be able to provide 1 day dentures instead of the two month wait we have done for the past several years!  And of course we would love a new modern home!

FINALLY: this year, we are going to work toward our long-time dream of establishing a small hospital for our patients so that they are able to get the full care they need!