Lift Up Springfield, Medical and Dental Mission Clinic


We do NOT have a phone, we are unable to call patients.  Please use email.  Thank you.


PLEASE NOTE:  We do our best to check emails every 2 - 3 days.   We are NOT in the clinic on a daily basis and do NOT answer emails daily.   If you have an emergency, DO NOT WAIT for us to answer.  Please dial 911 or go to the Emergency Room. 

patient appointments

PRESCRIPTION REFILLS We DO NOT refill prescriptions by email request, we ONLY refill prescriptions IN THE OFFICE, IN PERSON.  Please email and request an appointment.  We prescribed the number of refills based on when we need to see you again in order to follow up on your health and your medications.  Please DO NOT request a refill by email.
This email is for appointment request ONLY.  We do NOT give medical, dental or mental health advice via email. 

If you do NOT provide a correct email, we will have NO WAY to make or inform you of an appointment.