Lift Up Springfield, Medical and Dental Mission Clinic

ELIGIBILITY - We have 2 different levels.

Lift Up Springfield was founded to take care of those in need, those that are below the US poverty level, have no jobs or very little income, those that are homeless, those suffering, poor, disabled, our great Veterans, those that are unable to get medicaid or disability and without insurance.  We do not care where you are from: what city or state.  Our requirement to be seen is that you simply need help, have NO insurance and are unable to qualify anywhere else.  It is our goal to LIFT UP and help make lives better. We simply ask a minimum donation of $5* per service, per person.

(*This does not include elective medical or dental procedures). 


Please Pay It Forward - You Can Help Bless Many Lives

For those that have a job and are above the poverty level but without insurance, we are still happy to help you.  We realize in todays world that many people above the poverty level are not able to afford insurance which puts care out of reach.  We simply ask for a minimum donation of $25*.  We appreciate your honesty.  This donation really helps us to be able to keep buying the medicines and supplies that helps those that desperately need it.  Thank you so much for your kindess and support - for "Paying it forward". 

(*This does not include any elective medical or dental procedure).


The Underserved

Uninsured, but have income