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ELIGIBILITY for Lift Up Springfield Mission Clinic

Lift Up Springfield was founded to take care of those individuals in households that are BELOW the US poverty level.  Our donation fees are based on overing what our cost are so that we are actually able to help provide these medical and dental services.  If we are unable to cover our base cost, we would be unable to even stay open.  So we appreciate your help in helping to cover our base cost.


Please Pay It Forward - You Can Help Bless Many Lives

DENTAL NEEDS:   If you are in a household whose income is OVER the US Poverty Level, please let us know and we will give you a quote for your dental work.  Please do NOT use our mission clinic as a place to get cheap dental care.  If you have been given a quote from another dental office, please provide it to us and we will give you a quote.  You will find it to be a very reasonable quote, usually less than 15% of what your quote is.  This is a huge help to us as it allows your donation to help us continue to help those in critical need without income. 



Individuals in Households UNDER the US Poverty Level*

(Poverty Guidelines for Households:  NOT INDIVIDUALS.  This means the # of individuals living in the SAME house)

1    $12,060              2    $16,240            3   $20,420            4   $24,600        
5    $28,780              6    $32,960            7   $37,140            8   $41,320

Individuals in Households OVER the US Poverty Level or HAVE INSURANCE*

See 2018 poverty guidelines above.

MEDICAL NEEDS:   If you are in a household whose income is OVER the US Poverty Level whether you have insurance or not,  Please DO NOT use our mission clinic as a place to get cheap medical care.  Lift Up is STRICTLY for those in dire need.  Please do not take the place of someone who needs our help at Lift Up.  We have 3 other clinics available, with extremely reasonable cost, in order to help you too.

IF YOU ARE OVER THE POVERTY LEVEL (whether you have insurance or not) please visit either our East Springfield Clinic, Ozark Clinic or Branson Clinic. Please visit the "OZARK - BRANSON" page on this website.

We do not take insurance but offer a very inexpensive SELF PAY or low cost monthy membership for healthcare that covers most all of your Family Medicine and Urgent Care needs.  We are open from 8 am until 10 pm, 365 days a year at the Ozark and Branson Clinics and open from 8am till 6pm, Monday through Friday at our East Springfield location.

If the Lift Up Springfield Mission Clinic is more convenient, we will still be happy to see you if there is time at the mission clinic, but your cost will be the same as what it would be at any of the other Clinics.



*WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REQUIRE PROOF OF INCOME FOR YOU and/or YOUR HOUSEHOLD.     Past 2 Paystubs or the Households Income Tax Returns.