Lift Up Someone Today

Lift Up Lunches

Here is a great opportunity for anyone to get involved:  Churches, schools, clubs, etc.

Every FRIDAY, we are so busy that our volunteers and many patients go all day without eating. 

You can help us out by bringing some simple sandwiches, cookies, fruit and/or chips and bottled drink (water is great).

You can either drop off the lunches at 11:00 and we will hand them out or if your group would like to stay and serve lunches to the volunteers and patients, then just set up a card table between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. 

We can't BEGIN to tell you how much this helps us.  As we expand days, there may be other days other than just Friday that we could use meals.  We will keep you updated here on the site.   Friday's have started to fill up pretty fast, sometimes we are booked 1 - 2 months out!   Everyone that does this finds it so rewarding they always come back!


  • Just go to the "Corporate Contact" page and send an email with several options for open Friday dates.  Then you just sign up for the best open day for you!  Its that simple!
  • We usually recommend to plan on about 30.  If there is extra, we have a homeless camp behind the clinic that appreciates the extra food.  So any extra, is not in vain.
  • For those homeless patients, we will usually try and send them home with an extra lunch so they will have something for dinner.
  • If you will be dropping lunch off, it will be great to have it by 11:00 and we will hand it out.
  • If you will be staying to hand out lunches, please bring a card table and ice chest for the bottled waters.
  • What most groups have brought in the past:  Sandwiches (turkey & cheese, peanut butter and jelly (remember nut allergies), ham & cheese), assorted small bags of chips, homemade cookies (always a HIT), some type of fruit, bottled water.  Napkins, condiments.
  • Then just hand them out and get lots of hugs and smiles!  From the patients and volunteers! 

Jaime and Lea Ann from the Relief Society

of the Church of Latter Day Saints

Liberty Baptist Church

Ebenezer's Womens Society

of Chrisitan Service